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Crome Basic Features : Editing
+ Edit things intuitively the way you would normally see them on other applications (ie. table editing like in MS Excel)
+ Easily navigate through different editable regions through shortcuts or buttons on the toolbar
+ Undo History keeps track of any changes made to the ROM and lets you undo and redo changes quickly and easily
+ Use common Windows™ features and shortcuts for file management (New, Open, Save, etc.) and editing (Cut, Copy, Paste, etc.)
+ Context sensitive system lets users know which areas are not editable
+ Two modes of editing in graphical view: using keyboard shortcuts, or by simply clicking and draging the lines
+ Simplified editing of complex routines such as VTEC and RPM limitters means you don't need to know how those features work, you just enter an RPM value of you choice
+ Advanced tables editing allows for advanced users to tweak their system optimally for their needs
+ Handy tools to make life easier include: Fuel Multiplier Calculator, Boost Tables Adjustment, and Advance Tables
+ Editable Regions
+ Tables can be edited in many different ways, one cell at a time or the entire table. All common Windows™ function work including: Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, and Select All
+ Additional table editing capabilities include: Increment Selection, Decrement Selection, Adjust Selection, Interpolate Selection, Smooth Selection, and Smooth Entire Table
+ Table headers can also be edited by simply doubl-clicking and entering your desired value
+ Navigate through each point on the graph by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Make regional selections by holding the Shift key
+ Graphs can be edited by using keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down to increase and decrease the selected point respectively or by selecting a point and clicking and dragging it to the desired value
+ Editable ROM Features - most of these features can be found on the Options panel
+ Ignition and Fuel tables for both low speed and high speed cams
+ Rpm limitter
+ Speed limitter
+ Target Idles (cold and warm)
+ Idle Air Controller Valve duty cycle adjustment
+ VTEC engagement and advanced VTEC parameters (load switches, etc.)
+ IAB engagement
+ Oxygen Sensor target values
+ Gear based fuel correction values (includes correction for neutral)
+ Enable or disable various sensors
- Knock Sensor
- Electrical Load Detector
- Barometric Pressure Sensor
- Injector Test Circuitry
- Oxygen Sensor
- Oxygen Heater
- VTEC Speed Check
- VTEC Engine Coolant Temperature Check
- VTEC Pressure Check
- VTEC Solenoid Feedback Check
- Debug Mode
+ More - more ROM features can be edited with the use of additional plugins