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Crome Basic Features : Miscellaneous
+ Access to the Crome scripting engine anytime by using the Command tool. Enter any valid expression and execute it without the need to write up a script. This is useful for testing and developing scripts.
+ Stored User Settings - Crome stores common user settings to adapt to the users needs
+ Ignition table adjustment factors
+ Fuel table adjustment factors
+ Target lambda table adjustment factors
+ Map smoothing threshold
+ Rev limitter resume offset
+ Launch limitter resume offset
+ Shift limitter resume offset
+ VTEC disengage offset
+ IAB disengage offset
+ RTP hardware type and connection settings
+ Viewed units (Speed, Temperature, Pressure, Air-Fuel Ratios)
+ Other features that are not very obvious such as switching between vacuum view and boost view when selecting 'View Graph' more than once