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Through the use of plugins, the capabilities of Crome become limitless. The user can add support and edit for forced induction systems, individual throttle bodies, and nitrous systems. The following features are included with Crome by default.

Crome Basic Features : Plugins
+ Add additional features through use of plugins
+ Forced Indcution Support
+ Increased table resolution
+ Use any MAP sensor
+ Individual Throttle Body Support
+ MAP+TPS (Alpha-N) table indexing for superb idling characteristics and optimal driving performance
+ Use any TPS sensor
+ Fuel Corrections
+ Overall fuel correction scales the fuel table values according to your injector setup
+ Closed loop fuel corrections allow the user the adjust how much the O2 sensor compensates during closed loop operations
+ Throttle tip-in correction lets the user modify how much additional fuel is injected upon agressive throttle tip-in
+ Startup fuel adjustments
+ Engine coolant temperature fuel adjustments
+ Intake air temperature fuel adjustments
+ Individual cylinder trim
+ ROM Enhancements
+ Increase RPM limits up to 11,000 RPM
+ Add datalogging capabilities
+ Full throttle launch &
+ Full throttle shifting (3-step RPM)**
+ Boost cut**
+ Fuel+Ignition rev limitter to produce higher boost when launching
+ Traction control**
+ ** (Crome official versions available with Dealer license only)
+ Additional ROM Support - other ROMs can be supported by Crome through the use of plugins. Below is a short list of supported ROMs.
+ OBD0 PW0 (JDM & EDM)
+ OBD0 PR3
+ OBD0 PM6/7
+ OBDI P13 and related ROMs