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Frequently Asked Questions about Crome

How do I get a Crome Pro or Dealer license?

To get a Crome Pro or Dealer license, simply go to 'Help->Register' on the Crome software main menu and click on the 'Get Reg String' button.

How do I register another PC/Laptop using an existing Crome license?

If you have purchased Crome through a PayPal account, you can register another system (up to 3 per license) by going to http://www.tunewithcrome.com/getregstring.

What is Crome Gold?

Crome Gold is a firmware (ROM) developed by John Cui which brings many of the features that used to be only available as plug-ins to Crome. This firmware was independently developed and incorporates many additional features beyond the capabilities of plug-ins. It includes several revolutionary features that even the other Honda ROM editors tried to duplicate.

Does Crome support Moates Demon?

Yes! As of beta version 1.5.5.