. a . l i t t l e . h i s t o r y .

What's in a name?
First of all what does Crome mean? Crome is really an acronym which stands for Cui ROM Editor. It's a little corny, but it's the only thing unique I can think of.
How it all started
Crome first started as a little tool for me to edit Honda ROMs without having to use a Hex Editor to manipulate tables and values. It's uncanningly similar to Hondata's ROM Editor because a lot of the ideas about how the ROM data is displayed were taken directly from this pioneering software.

As a sign of courtesy to the PGMFI.ORG community who started the DIY development of Honda ROMs, the precursor of Crome was uploaded and distributed in the PGMFI forum for other members to use. Since then, PGMFI.ORG has been the home of Crome for the last 2 and some odd years.
Crome owes a lot to the following people for getting the DIY Honda ROM editing movement to where it is: Dave Blundell, Christian Dorner, Blake Warner, Andy Sloane, and many more who have contributed their time and efforts to helping with the cause. Here's a more complete list.

Special thanks to Randy Schoener, Calvin Baank, Damian Badalamenti, Javier Perez, Vernon and Patty Brunges, and few others who have been very supportive with Crome.

:thumbsup: for Craig Moates for providing the DIY community with quality electronic devices.
What is Crome capable of now?
Where can I get Crome?