. b i a s e d . p r o d u c t . c o m p a r i s o n .

Since you really want to hear it, this why I think Crome excells over the competition.

Compared to AEM ($2008.91)
Price wise, Crome is a definite winner hands down. Although AEM does have the sophistication to fly a space shuttle into orbit, the hidden costs of tuning and other equipment can really add up. With Crome you can start with a known base map and spend less than 2 hours to fully tune a vehicle. If you are trying to build a Honda rocket and have the resources to get and tune with AEM, I personally suggest that you get it.
Compared to Hondata s300 ($595)
If you plan to compare apples to apples, this is pretty much where Crome has to shine. Hondata is not only a giant in Honda ECU tuning, they are pioneers. However, due to many advancements in the DIY community, OBD1 Honda tuning has become public domain with no more big secrets to hide. Feature-wise there is nothing that Crome can't produce to match Hondata because of it's semi-open architecture. Tuning wise, I believe that Crome is a superior because of it's use of statistical mathematics to accelerate the tuning process. And for less than the price of an s300 you can have a complete tuning solution using my recommended setup .
Compared to Überdata ($0-205)
In the DIY world, Überdata is another giant. With many devout followers, Überdata is more than capable as a tuning tool for an experienced user. However, time is money to some people and the fact that you can do in less than two hours with Crome Pro what would normally take 10 with Überdata is good enough reason for some. Again, I must say that the tuning capabilities of Crome is far superior to Überdata. But if you really can't afford 149 USD to go Crome Pro, then Überdata is the way to go.
Where can I get Crome?