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Breakdown of Application Parts
Crome broken down into three main parts which work together to bring about a very capable and versitile application. These three parts are: the Core, the Plugins Manager, and the Tuner.
The Core
The core Crome application is the main GUI which handles editing of ROMs. Technically, Crome will run with just the main executable and edit stock Honda OBD1 ROMs, but this is very limitting since it does not allow for one to add extra features to the ROM such as boost support, or launch controllers. This is where the idea of plugins come to work.
The Plugin Manager
The plugin manager allows for additional modules to be incorporated into the Crome core application through the use of javascripts. Each module is called a plugin and is capable of adding extra features to a ROM as well as providing instructions for the application on how to handle the extra features.
The Tuner
The tuner module gives Crome datalogging and tuning capabilities and is available only with a Crome Pro or Dealer license.
What features do I get with Crome?
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