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Crome Pro/Dealer Features : Datalogging
+ Datalog different parameters in real-time
+ Save datalogs for later use
+ Export datalogs for use with spreadsheet applications such as MS Excel
+ Replay saved datalogs
+ Map tracing lets the user track where within the table the ECU is running from
+ Single cell map tracing is poineered by John Cui for OBD1 Honda in order to get more accurate and higher resolution lambda recordings
+ Tabulated and averaged lambda readings to be used as guidlines for optimal tuning
+ Tabulated knock sensor readings indicate what spots are causing knock
+ Customize air-fuel ratio formulas to match your Wide-Band Oxygen sensor
+ MIL/CEL indicator with a comprehensive error reporting allows for quick assesment of engine trouble codes
+ Recorded Parameters
+ Engine Speed
+ Vehicle Speed
+ Current Gear
+ Manifold Absolute Pressure
+ Boost Pressure
+ Throttle Position
+ Injector Duration in milliseconds
+ Injector Duty Cycle
+ Ignition Advance
+ Knock Retard
+ Intake Air Temperature
+ Engine Coolant Temperature
+ Oxygen Sensor Voltage
+ Air-Fuel Ratio based on user defined table
+ VTEC indicator
+ MIL/CEL indicator
+ Recording Duration in milliseconds