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Crome Pro/Dealer Features : Tuning
+ Smart Tracker links cell selection with map tracing for quick cell manipulation on dynamometers
+ Highly user definable recording conditions allows the user to tune for specific conditions such as tuning for a particular gear, or tuning for particular spot on the rpm band
+ Toggle tunable table cells to exlude certain areas or to pin-point a specific spot to be tuned
+ Auto-adjustment engine automatically applies the right amount of changes to the fuel table based on user defined settings
+ Data Filtering applies statistical math to the recorded air-fuel ratios and helps weed out and correct statistically erroneous values
+ Smart Fill helps fill in gaps in the recording tables by using the neighboring cells to calculate the values of empty cells
+ Live Auto-Adjustments allows the user to tune a vehicle hands-free. By setting initial tuning parameters, Crome will continually make auto-adjustments without the need for the user to actively click a button or press any key.**
+ Manual tuning helpers give users who like to manually tune the fuel tables some helpful information to let them make decision quickly
+ ** requires a Real-Time Programmable device
Through the proper use of these tuning tools, a skilled tuner can street tune a vehicle in less than an hour. Dyno-tuning is also accelerated when used in conjunction with a Real-Time Programmable device. Changes can made instantaneously and instant feedback from the dyno can make deciding what to do more obvious and less puzzling.