Are you ready?

If you are here, it means you are ready to purchase a CROME license. To ensure the best experience with software, please refer to the following prerequisites and suggestions:

  • Are you registering the computer you will be using to tune? If not please make sure that you are. CROME licenses are anchored to a single device per registration.
  • Is this computer free from virus or malware? Reformatting or re-installing the operating system may change your device's CROME Serial ID and necessitate another registration.
  • Are you able to connect to a Real-Time Programmable (RTP) device (eg. Moates Ostrich)? Did you know that you can with the free version? Having a successful connection with an RTP device will give you the best chances of getting the datalogging features to work on CROME.
  • Is this the right system for you? CROME lacks many feature that are available on standalone systems and even other Honda OBD1 ECU tuning solutions. However its core features usually cover majority use cases.

If you've answered "Yes" to all the questions, then you are ready for CROME.

How soon can you get a Reg String?

In the past generating Reg Strings was a manual process and turnaround times can be inconvenient. However with this new checkout process, Reg Strings are generated immediately as soon as the payment is verified. So no more waiting!

Registration Form

Enter the required information below and click on the Pay button to proceed to the payment form. Once the payment is complete, you will be returned here to receive your registration string.